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Vintner's Harvest Fruit Wine Bases

Vintner's Harvest Fruit Wine Bases are solid pack fruit in their natural juices. Making wine with them is much like processing fresh fruit. Packed in 96 oz tins. Supplied with three gallon (full body) and five gallon (medium body) recipes. Vintners Harvest offers the home winemaker premium quality fruit with the year-round variety every winemaker needs. There is no finer product on the market for crafting your own fruit wines. With easy to follow instructions and recipes for varied volumes, you will soon discover the joys of making high quality fruit wines in the comfort of your home. If you currently make beer, you will find much of the equipment is interchangeable and making wine is just as simple as beer if not more so. Vintner's Harvest Fruit Wine Bases are fresh fruit in their own juices with nothing else added. No sugars and no sulfites. With a wide selection of delicious fruits to choose from, the Vintner's Harvest line of wine bases is sure to please the most discriminating home winemaker.


Other ingredients required are: acid blend, yeast nutrient, pectic enzyme, campden tablets or bisulfite, potassium sorbate and wine yeast.