Chlorine Test Strips

Chlorine Test Strips

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Chlorine Test paper (10 to 200 range), vial of 100 papers
Product Description Quickly test the chlorine level in your water! Make sure your bleach solution is effective in just seconds with these Krowne Metal 25-123 Chlorine Test Strips. These chlorine sanitizer test strips are bright white then change color to different shades of purple that indicate if the strength of the solution is 10, 50, 100, or 200 ppm (parts per million). Perfect for all commercial applications, the Krowne Metal 23-153 Test Strips offer an inexpensive way to maintain a sanitary workplace and avoid food poisoning or lawsuits. Refer to your local health department for recommended safety levels.

Features & Benefits Will test 0-200 ppm

Bright white strips change color to different shades of purple to indicate a strength

Determine in seconds whether your cleaning solution of bleach is a safe