Wine Bucket Lids are not included in this kit however they can be purchased below.
Additional items may include, shrink caps, bottling wax, labels.

*Liquid Pectic Enzyme may be upgraded for $.25 below* and there is an surcharge of $1.00 for an ice pack for shipping

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe "FRUIT" Equipment Kit

Quantity in Basket: 

Liquid Pectic Enzyme 1/2 oz w/ice pack -$1.25

7.8 Wine Bucket Lid - $5.95

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This Kit Includes: 5 gal PET carboy
7.8 gal bucket. Does not come with lid
carboy brush
Drilled Stopper
Siphon Hose
Racking Cane
Bottle Filler
Jumbo Press Bag
Sodium Metabisulfite for sanitizing
Wine Thief/Test Jar Combo
Yeast Nutrient
Acid Blend
Dry Pectic Enzyme
* Liquid can be upgraded for $.25 more
Campden Tablets
Wine Yeast
2 cases 750 ml wine bottles *Clear or Green*
25 natural corks
Portuguese Double Lever Corker
Enjoy Home Winemaking Handbook.

All glass products have a surcharge of $5.00 per two cases and will be shipping by Federal Express only.