This kit does not include a bucket lid. Additional items may include bottles; Shrink Caps; Zorks; Bottling Wax; Labels


Deluxe "FRUIT" Equipment Kit

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7.8 Wine Bucket Lid - $5.95


Image does not reflect the actual products in the kit, please see below:

This Kit Includes:

5 gal PET carboy
7.8 gal bucket
Drilled Stopper
Double Bubble Airlock
Siphon Hose
Racking Cane
Bottle Filler
Jumbo Press Bag
Sodium Metabisulfite for Sanitizing
Yeast Nutrient
Acid Blend
Pectic Enzyme
Campden Tablets
Wine Yeast
25 Corks
Handy Corker
Enjoy Home Winemaking Handbook