Calcium Chloride 2 oz

Calcium Chloride 2 oz

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Calcium Chloride, 2 oz. To harden water and lower mash pH. Anhydrous. Use 1 tsp/5 gal. batch.

If possible, make up a 1% solution of CALCIUM CHLORIDE in cold water in a separate vessel with vigorous mixing. Calcium salts are more soluble in cold water, and the mixing will help dissolve the salt more completely. Warning a considerable heat of solution is developed when dissolved in water.

Dilute the CALCIUM CHLORIDE solution into water being heated for mashing or for sparging.
The final concentration of salts should be in the range of 100 to 1000 ppm (mg/L).
This will require 2.5 to 25 lb/100 Bbl (10 to 100 g/Hl).
The CALCIUM CHLORIDE can be added directly to mash water or sparge water with as much mixing as possible to assure dispersion.